Delivering Wellness Coaching Via Corporate Wellness Programs

True leadership means modelling healthy behaviours and making sure your team is healthy and happy.

As a Green Leader, are you looking for ways to create lasting positive health changes for yourself, friends, family, and co-workers?

Have you considered adding Wellness Coaching to your Corporate Wellness Program (aka Workplace Wellness Program or Employee Wellness Program)?

Hello, my name is Maria Koropecky and I coach Green Leaders as they grow into their potential. I’m looking to partner with like-minded businesses and build my wellness coaching practice so I can help people live a life that lights them up.

Whether you already have an Employee Wellness Program in place or if you’ve only just tabled the suggestion at a staff meeting, I’d like to offer you an idea that will help create healthier employees and workplaces –>>

Adding Wellness Coaching to your Workplace Wellness Program.

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Be a Green Leader and start a Corporate Wellness Program that includes Wellness Coaching to help:

  1. reduce absenteeism;
  2. reduce workplace accidents;
  3. reduce stress levels;
  4. reduce long-term stress leave requests;
  5. reduce chronic disease that is driven by unhealthy lifestyle choices and stress;
  6. increase morale;
  7. increase productivity;
  8. increase employee retention;
  9. increase profits!

Healthy employees are easier to get along with and are more productive than unhealthy ones so it stands to reason to create a corporate culture that encourages health and wellness.

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Corporate Wellness Programs come in all shapes and sizes and can include:

  • onsite fitness facilities
  • yoga classes
  • chair massages
  • healthy snacks
  • games and competitions
  • mandatory vacations
  • flex days
  • digital progress-tracking devices
  • weight loss programs
  • smoking cessation programs
  • bike to work participation
  • running groups
  • book clubs
  • nap rooms
  • meditation classes and mindfulness workshops
  • and lunch and learns and retreats!

As a Workplace Wellness Coach, I recommend adding Wellness Coaching to this awesome list!

Introducing, Relaxing with the Colours of Wellness Signature Coaching Program, designed especially for Workplace Wellness Programs!

Relaxing with the Colours of Wellness Signature Coaching Program has been designed for Workplace Wellness Programs.
Relaxing with the Colours of Wellness Signature Coaching Program.

Here’s how a Workplace Wellness Coach Can Help!

Coaching is a collaborative and synergistic relationship between a certified coach and a client. Coaches partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires their clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Through thoughtful questions and active listening, a coach can offer support in areas such as health, lifestyle, life purpose, relationships, business, career, and spirituality, etc., and can help their clients produce extraordinary, fulfilling, and sustainable results.

Communication is a high value for me and I feel I can be of service to your employees with my thoughtful questions, active listening skills, and caring nature. I help people:

  • get clarity about their goals;
  • clear the blocks that may be in the way; and
  • take action steps toward their goals from a place of acceptance, awareness, and empowerment.
  • Ultimately, I deliver results.

I think having a coach (or coaches) on staff would be a wonderful boon for your organization and here are some ways to include value-added coaching services as part of your workplace wellness program:

  1. Offering my 8-week, Relaxing with the Colours of Wellness Signature Coaching Program (designed especially for Workplace Wellness Programs) with your choice of start dates, meeting times, and venue.
  2. In person, one-to-one life coaching sessions at your locations for the 10% of employees who are really motivated and interested.
  3. On-going life coaching sessions to take place over the phone.
  4. Monthly group coaching sessions customized to your teams’ needs and preferences.
  5. Facilitating workshops, meetings, and conferences about stress management.

As a Wellness Coach with two+ years of experience, I’d be happy to provide coaching services for your Workplace Wellness Participants. I’m able to establish a connection quite easily with people from all generations and walks of life, and I enjoy helping people improve the quality of their lives. I know I’d be an asset to your organization because I have a passion for coaching and wellness and I’d love to work with your employees.

Start 2018 on the Right Foot!

If you’d like to add Wellness Coaching to your Corporate Wellness Program, consider hiring me, Maria, as your Coach. I support Green Leaders who want greater health and well-being for their teams. Contact me today by email to schedule a short meeting to talk about your options!

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I’m happy to give my Signature Talk, “How to Practice Colourful Self-Care” to your group! Just contact me to book a time and date!

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Chair Massages

Earlier, I mentioned Chair Massages as part of a Workplace Wellness Program. Well, it just so happens that I do chair massages as well through my other business, Homespunspa Mobile Spa!

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