Travelling Light

Travelling Light Signature Coaching Program

Crystal Clear Coaching’s Travelling Light Signature Coaching Program combines self-care with rainbow colours to help you on your spiritual journey.

The term “Travelling Light” came to me on my most recent birthday as I was thinking about a personal theme for the upcoming year. Does anyone else do that? I had never put “Travelling” plus “Light” together before and I liked how the metaphor works on many levels, including: losing body weight, not carrying extra baggage, and the whole idea of lightyears.

I knew I was on to something when the next day, I received a newsletter in my email with “Traveling Light” as the subject line. I love it when I get signs like that from the Universe!

So, it’s in that spirit that I created my newest Travelling Light Signature Coaching Program. Please join me as we explore the connection between self-love and being of service to others.

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Travelling Light Signature Coaching Program.

“I teach self-care to Lightworkers, who are struggling with anxiety, doubts, and stress, so they can embrace their spiritual calling and bring light and love to the world,” ~ Maria Koropecky

Travelling Light Signature Group Coaching Program is presented live by Maria, through online video conferencing. Group size is capped at 6 participants so there’s a genuine boutique feel and lots of personal attention. We’re highly interactive and you’ll have plenty of chances to chime in!

8-Week, Travelling Light
Signature Coaching Program
with Maria Koropecky

Week 1: Crystal Mapping Session (or review) to establish where you are and where you want to go. Who are Lightworkers? What’s self-care and why it’s important.

Week 2: How Ms. F. McCam can inspire you to practice self-care each day and how red energy can help you get your physical and financial needs met.

Week 3: How orange energy will boost your happiness, charisma, and creativity and how yellow energy will boost your self-confidence

Week 4: How green energy will improve your relationships with all living beings and how blue energy will help you express yourself and speak your truth.

Week 5: How indigo energy will help you trust your intuition and how violet energy connects us to spirit, source, and divinity.

Week 6: The gift of clarity and figuring out what triggers you, what the costs are, and new, alternative strategies to help you move forward. Also, how to handle potential challenges and set-backs.

Week 7: The spiritual laws of forgiveness, acceptance, worthiness, surrender, compassion, and living in the present moment.

Week 8: Creating a safe and supportive environment for yourself (like letting go of clutter, unhealthy relationships, and your past) so you can let your light shine for everyone to see. Plus a Crystal Mapping Session review, resources, and inspiration.

from bulb to thriving tulip.

Travelling Light is…

Designed especially for: Lightworkers who would like to get going on their mission.

Number of Weeks: 8

Number of Hours per Session: 2 hours

Number of Hours per Program: 16

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Here’s what the Travelling Light Signature Coaching Program includes:

  • 8 weeks live, online training and coaching
  • 8 training modules and access to recordings
  • weekly Q&A’s plus mentoring and coaching from Maria
  • templates, checklists, worksheets, and examples, plus feedback on homework assignments
  • ongoing email support and community support throughout the program
  • 3 optional and unscheduled support phone call during the program, just in case
  • follow-up call from Maria after completion of program.

Kind Words

“Maria listens with her heart,” ~ Joe

“After speaking with Maria, I feel comforted,” ~ Lisa

“Maria creates a safe space for people to heal and connect,” ~ Sean

“Maria not only listens, but she perceives what you’re saying and helps you see things in a new way,” ~ Linda


  • Rainbow Meditation MP3 recording
  • Access to Crystal Clear Coaching’s Private Facebook Group
  • Meeting like-minded people from around the world
  • Free gift copy of your choice of Maria’s Creating Wellness ebook or the Call of the Lapis Lazuli ebook
  • 25% off Coupon redeemable @ Maria’s Cruising into Wellness online store
  • Plus your initial Crystal Mapping Session, worth $75, is included
  • And lifetime access to Maria!

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Wellness Coach Maria Koropecky.