25 Signs You’re an Up & Coming Green Leader

by Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach

I coach Green Leaders on living the life that lights them up!

You may be wondering what I mean by Green Leaders. Well, to me Green Leaders have heart and interestingly enough, the colour associated with the Heart Chakra, is Emerald Green!

Our Green Intelligence is about our compassion and heart-felt feelings. Green balances our spirit world with our physical world so we can relate to others with unconditional love and kindness. Green is also the colour of nature, healing, and new beginnings.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do work that allows you to share from your heart, to be of joyful service, to contribute in a meaningful way, to make the world an even better place, and to inspire others to do the same?

To me, that’s what being a Green Leader is all about and I invite you to give yourself a chance and to throw your hat into the ring!

25 Signs You're an Up and Coming Green Leader.
Green Leaders have heart!

Here are 25 signs you’re an up & coming Green Leader:

  1. You have a big heart and you care about people, animals, and our planet.
  2. You have a creative and nurturing spirit.
  3. You’ve been asking yourself questions like, “What’s my life’s purpose?” and you feel like there’s something really big out there waiting for you but you can’t seem to claim it just yet.
  4. Your new ideas for change have not always been well-received or understood and people have bullied, criticized, and harassed you for being different, but you’re still determined to keep going.
  5. You want to take on more leadership responsibilities at work but you don’t know how to communicate your intentions to the higher ups.
  6. You care about environmental stewardship, and you’ve volunteered on a clean up crew like the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup with the intention of doing that kind of work more often, or even starting your own similar group.
  7. You’ve been on a Green Committee at work or school and enjoyed discussing ideas on how to improve your organization’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling efforts.
  8. You’re what they call a “Green Consumer” and are mindful of the environment when you make your purchases, taking into consideration things like how the products are made, what the products are made from, and how far they’ve travelled to get to you.
  9. You’ve thought about voting Green in past elections but there weren’t any Green candidates on the ballot or you were afraid you’d split the vote.
  10. You look for ways to save money and stick to your budget and it bothers you when you notice things like money and resources being wasted.
  11. You can’t stand watching incompetent leaders be in charge and feel like you can do a better job.
  12. You’re opening your own business.
  13. You’ve been the first in your family, neighbourhood, class, or office to do something new and positive, paving the way for others to follow suit.
  14. You’d prefer your personal space to be neat, tidy, and organized but you’re still surrounded by clutter because it’s hard for you to throw things out.
  15. Although you have access to a car, you’re starting to choose to walk, ride a bike, take the bus, or join a carpool more often.
  16. You’re looking to optimize your health and wellness, and practice self-care, but you find yourself over-indulging in unhealthy behaviours from time to time.
  17. You’re interested in eating fresh, healthy, and organic food every day but you still order highly-packaged take-out dinners a few times a week for the convenience.
  18. Spirituality is becoming more important to you and you may be drawn to yoga classes, learning how to meditate, the personal growth movement, reading self-help, leadership, and spiritual books, attending workshops and seminars, distance running in charity events, going to church, praying, etc.
  19. You’re noticing moments of synchronicity, the interconnectedness of events that aren’t planned or repeatable, and it’s really cool!
  20. You’re an advocate for social justice and believe that all humans have a fundamental right to health, wellbeing, education, clean water, nourishing food, safe shelter, and freedom.
  21. You’ve been known to speak for those who have no voice.
  22. You’re grateful for the diversity in the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms of the world.
  23. You marvel at nature’s beauty and enjoy camping, and nature hikes, and spending time outside in all kinds of weather.
  24. You’ve witnessed an environmental disaster first hand and are now motivated more than ever to find solutions and create changes that will lead to a healthy future on a global scale.
  25. Deep down, you’re optimistic about the future.

As you can see after reading this list, I’ve not painted the portrait of a perfect person or somebody who is better than everyone else even though they’re a leader because perfect is boring and more than that, perfect doesn’t exist, other than as a mathematical absolute. We’re all a work in progress and there’s always room to grow.

So, if you resonate with many of these qualities and you’d like to grow into your potential as a Green Leader and help make the world an even better place, please contact me, Maria. As a Wellness Coach, I can help!

Wellness Coaching Can Help You:

  • discover what lights you up so you can do more of it;
  • get clear about your life purpose and what you want to do as a Green Leader;
  • remind yourself about what’s already working;
  • uncover the hidden obstacles in your path;
  • figure out ways to blast through the obstacles as they come up;
  • make incremental changes that add up over time;
  • tap your motivation to keep going; and
  • be the Green Leader you were born to be!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Maria

Wellness Coach Maria Koropecky Ammolite Wellness.

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Here’s What I Have to Offer as a Wellness Professional

Dear Friends, Customers, and Clients:

I hope this blog post finds you well. I’m writing to let you know about what’s going on at Ammolite Wellness Coaching and my other wellness businesses these days. I feel like things are finally coming together and the foundation for what I lovingly call, my wellness empire, is in place.

I’m hoping that by offering different types of wellness services and letting my clients choose which approach they like best, whether it’s through mind, body, or spirit, I’ll be able to help people relax and have peace of mind. In their own way, all of these roads lead to wellness, and that’s my vision.

Through thoughtful questions and active listening, a coach can offer support in areas such as health, lifestyle, life purpose, relationships, business, career, and spirituality, etc., and can help their clients produce extraordinary, fulfilling, and sustainable results.

If you’re considering the idea of working with a coach, I’d love to offer you a free Crystal Mapping Session. Using the wisdom of crystals, Crystal Mapping is a fun and interactive way to chart your own course in life. You’ll get a taste of what my style of coaching is like and from there, you can decide if you’d like to sign up for a series of coaching sessions with me as well.

Please visit MariaKoropecky.com for more info and email me at talktoacoach@gmail.com to schedule your free Crystal Mapping session!

free Crystal Mapping Session.
Book your Crystal Mapping session today!

Supporting our own Stem Cell system is the key to good health and in my travels, I’ve found a new and unique aquatic-botanical product that supports our own release of bone-marrow stem cells. It’s a health supplement made from blue-green algae that comes from Klamath Lake, Oregon.

So, if you’d like to hear more about stem cell nutrition, to boost your health, to support your body’s own repair system, and get your hands on these supplements made by a company called, Cerule, please contact me, Maria, by email: talktoacoach@gmail.com.

You’re also welcome to visit my Cerule page: wellnessmaria.cerule.com/.

Stem Cell Nutrition.
Supporting our own Stem Cell system is the key to good health and it’s a perfect complement to wellness coaching!

My training in the wellness field started in 2010 when I went back to school to become an aesthetician, so I have another business called Homespunspa Mobile Spa.

Since 2011, my team of aestheticians, spa therapists, and nail techs and I have done many, many dozens of spa parties in all kinds of beautiful homes, hotels, schools, and offices in the Greater Victoria area, including Sooke, North Saanich, and Lake Cowichan, and have met all kinds of wonderful people along the way.

So, if you’d like to host a spa party this autumn, just plump up those throw pillows and invite your friends over for some spa time, and we’ll do the rest!

Please visit Homespunspa.com for more info and email me at Homespunspa@shaw.ca to book your preferred date!

Ask me about adding Homespunspa Mobile Spa services and spa parties to your next Wellness Event or Workplace Wellness Program.
Ask me about adding Homespunspa Mobile Spa services and spa parties to your next Wellness Event or Workplace Wellness Program.

The spa services at Homespunspa Mobile Spa are designed to help people relax and manage stress and if one to one appointments are more your speed, we also offer facials, manicures, pedicures, relaxation massages, and chair massages for individuals. Having a spa service at home saves you time and money and you don’t have to worry about driving through traffic, finding a parking spot, or hiring a babysitter.

Please visit Homespunspa.com for more info and email me at Homespunspa@shaw.ca to book your spa appointment! Gift certificates are always available.

Self-care is a big part of Workplace Wellness Programs.
Ask me about how self-care is a big part of a Workplace Wellness Program.
  • Cruising into Wellness online store

As you can see, I’m passionate about wellness and I love helping people be proactive about their health. To further support my mobile spa clients and coaching clients with their health and wellness, I’ve opened an online store called Cruising into Wellness.

In store, you’ll find cruise wear, gemstones, jewellery, essential oils, colour bath pigments, tinted eyewear, Dr.’s Remedy nail polish, and so much more!

Please tell your friends about cruisingintowellness.com and if you’d like, make a purchase and I can bring your order to you at your next coaching session, mobile spa appointment, or spa party.

Check out my new wellness store and save 15% on the whole Medieval Thymes collection until September 30, 2017 @ www.cruisingintowellness.com.

And here’s a BONUS for being one of my clients! -> FREE SHIPPING!

For all of my Canadian clients, (Ammolite Wellness Coaching, Homespunspa Mobile Spa, and Cerule supplements), I’m offering free shipping on your first-time order of Cruising into Wellness products!

Just enter the discount code HOMESPUN at checkout!

Looking for incentives to motivate your employees? Visit Maria’s online store, CruisingIntoWellness.com.
Looking for incentives to motivate your employees? Visit Maria’s online store, CruisingIntoWellness.com.

Anyway, that’s my wellness empire 🙂 in a nutshell! Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in any of these wellness products or services. Hopefully, there’s something here that will help you.

Or, if you can think of anyone else who might appreciate what I have to offer, please forward my name to them. Thank you, I’d welcome your referral. I’m at your service.

Have questions about Ammolite Wellness Coaching, Homespunspa Mobile Spa, or Cruising into Wellness? Please contact Maria today.
Have questions about Ammolite Wellness Coaching, Homespunspa Mobile Spa, or Cruising into Wellness? Please contact Maria today.


Maria Koropecky

Wellness Professional

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Intro to my #BeTheChange Almanac of Health & Wellness Awareness Days

by Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach

I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter, to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all, ~ Leo C. Rosten (1908-1977)

Green Leaders have heart!
Green Leaders have heart!

Funny how things show up in your lap just as you need them! In this case, I’m referring to the above quote by Leo Rosten.

I didn’t know about this quote at all until my friend Margaret sent it to me as part of her email signature. She wasn’t aware that I was about to write my introduction to my #BeTheChange, Almanac for 2017 and this quote about life purpose fits just perfectly with my intention.

It’s About Life Purpose

I have been thinking about my life purpose for most of my life. When I was 11, I went to a Catholic school and I can remember Sister Catherine talking about her calling to be a nun and describing the difference between having a vocation and avocation. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with figuring out my own calling so I can do what I’m meant to be doing and do what I came here to do.

Over the years, I kept on listening and listening and listening for my calling and as it turns out, my calling is being a Wellness Coach.

I love helping people be proactive about their health. Connecting with people and listening to their life experiences brings me tremendous joy. With coaching, I get to have deep conversations with amazing people about topics that truly matter and often that includes figuring out their life’s purpose.

Even though the topic of life purpose is important to me, I didn’t set out to create a tool to help people discover their life’s purpose. I just started collecting dates that had some connection to my idea of wellness.

But each time I added a Health Awareness Day or special event to my list, I found myself saying, “There’s a day for that???” more than once. Some days are whimsical while others are more serious. Some days are literally a walk in the park while others highlight family life, pets and animals, food products, sporting events, religious holidays, debilitating diseases, occupations, or the environment. There’s a day for everybody!

Then the #BeTheChange Almanac was born!

Soon, it occurred to me that there’s more to this list than meets the eye. Each and everyone of these special days, weeks, and months that I’ll be sharing with you in the coming months in this blog, have HEART. They each speak to a broader need that needs to be filled on our planet. Opportunities to be of service are everywhere!

I thought perhaps this monthly list of Health & Wellness Awareness Days may spark some ideas for my clients and may be helpful for people who are searching for their life’s purpose. In this #BeTheChange Almanac of special days in 2017 blog post series, you’ll find literally hundreds of ways to pitch in, and make a difference, and to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s words,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Being of service and making a positive difference in the world starts with becoming aware of a need and then taking steps to address it. It’s about being creative and resourceful and using your talents for the greater good. Life purpose is about sharing yourself with the world, giving back, and being of service. In my opinion, that’s what gives life meaning.

So, if you’re looking to discover your life’s purpose, hopefully you’ll find some cause or event or organization or activity in the #BeTheChange Almanac blog posts that strongly resonates with you. If something does jump out at you, see if your particular talents are a match, and consider applying for a job there, volunteering, donating money, or participating in their events.

And if social media is your game, you’re in luck. Each month on this blog, you’ll receive prompters to create your own content for your blogs and status updates. It’s basically an editorial calendar in a box filled with tons of ideas of what you can write about over the course of the year, month by month.

Plus — there’s a BONUS that you won’t find anywhere else — related hashtags for each day are included! You’re welcome!

Please Share on Social Media

I’d really love it if you’d share these special days and the #BeTheChange Almanac monthly blog posts via social media with your friends, family, co-workers, and clients. We can all reach out to the people around us and help each other through the rough patches and celebrate the good times as well.

On another note, if none of these upcoming Awareness Days speak to you, that’s OK, too. In fact, that may be a good sign because it means you might have to start a movement yourself from scratch for somebody out there who hasn’t been heard yet but desperately needs help. So don’t fret.

Talk to a Wellness Coach

I’m also here as a wellness coach if you’d like my help to explore your options. All of these dates started with creative and caring people who identified a need and worked hard to help people and to raise awareness to make these dates official on local, national, and international calendars. They saw a need and did something about it. They became the change and you can do the same.

Please let me know of any special health- and wellness-related days, weeks, or months that you know of by sending me an email so I can add them to the list. I sincerely hope these blog posts land in your lap just like the opening quote landed in mine – just when I needed it.

I also hope these future blog posts help you tap into your potential, discover your life’s purpose, enjoy the year 2017 and beyond with gusto, and #BeTheChange!

Happy New Year!

Maria Koropecky, Coach * Healer * Author


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