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We’re living in interesting times. There’s so much going on and we keep on hearing bad news and sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. I’m noticing that many people from all over the world are feeling anxious and are having trouble coping.

Life on planet Earth doesn’t seem to make much sense these days. You may have overheard the expression, “going to hell in a hand-basket” lately and you too may be shaking your head and asking yourself,

“What’s going on?!”

Although things may look bleak, the good news is, there are way more kind and loving people living today than you might think.

two green hearts.

There’s also a spiritual movement happening on a global scale where each day more and more people are waking up and are becoming more spiritual, lighthearted, compassionate, conscious, and present.

People from all walks of life are experiencing a spiritual awakening, healing, and transformation, and we are shining a light in the darkness.

People are answering the call of the Lightworker and we need the Earth Angels and Lightworkers among us to step forward!

To me, a Lightworker is someone who:

  • believes in the spiritual dimension,
  • shares from the heart,
  • cares about our planet,
  • contributes to their family, school, workplace, and community in a meaningful way, and
  • makes the world an even better place.

If you feel like you were born to be a Lightworker, then it’s your time to shine! Today is your day!

“Sure” you may be saying, “I’ll put Lightworker on my business card.” But it’s not so easy, is it? You’re probably also thinking, “Yes, but… [fill in the blank].”

It’s true, being a Lightworker is a tall order, and its got its challenges, but that’s where I come in. My name is Maria Koropecky and I can help you feel safe on your spiritual journey, whether you’re just starting out or if you’re further down the road heading towards enlightenment. Either way, you don’t have to walk alone.

from bulb to thriving tulip.

From my experience, there are things you can do like working with a Wellness Coach and practicing self-care that will make things easier for you.

As a Lightworker myself, I teach self-care to Lightworkers who are struggling with anxiety, doubts, and stress, to help them embrace their spiritual calling and share their light and love with the world.

And as a Wellness Coach with Crystal Clear Coaching, I’m now offering a Travelling Light Signature Coaching Program that combines self-care with rainbow colours that will help you move forward on your spiritual path.

Travelling Light Signature Coaching Program.

With self-care and wellness coaching, you’ll feel better:

  • without indulging in a vice, or
  • without spending a fortune on the latest trend, or
  • even if you’re super busy and you don’t feel you have the time in your day.

In our Crystal Clear Coaching sessions, we’ll work together to…

* Create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate life so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.

* Uncover hidden challenges that may be slowing down your progress in your ability to make positive changes that last.

* And you’ll leave our Crystal Clear coaching sessions feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally be the Lightworker and Earth Angel you were born to be.

If you feel in your heart that you’d like to work with me, then go for it, and connect with me. Contact me, Maria, by email to arrange your Crystal Clear coaching sessions today.


Maria Koropecky

Self-Care & Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach near me in Victoria.
Wellness Coach Near Victoria.

But first, let’s test the waters…

To start our conversations, I’d love to offer you a free Crystal Mapping Session.

I’ve created a unique process called, Crystal Mapping to get the ball rolling.

Crystal Mapping Sessions help people figure out where they are and where they want to go. And it’s free!

Map of 44 Crystals for Crystal Mapping Session.
Map of 44 Crystals for Crystal Mapping Session.

A Crystal Mapping Session, valued at $75, can also give you a sense of what it’s like to work with me as a Wellness Coach in case you’d like to hire me for the longterm. Either way, the Crystal Mapping process will give you some clarity.

If you’re interested in exploring your options, please contact me, Maria, by email to arrange your free consultation, what I call a Crystal Mapping session, today.

get a free crystal mapping session.

About Wellness Coach, Maria Koropecky

Wellness Coach & Life Coach & Wellness Speaker based in Victoria, BC.
Wellness Coach near Victoria, BC.

Maria Koropecky is a skilled and intuitive wellness coach, speaker, and published author of two ebooks, Creating Wellness (2015) and The Call of the Lapis Lazuli, the prequel (2016).

Maria specializes in healing the body, mind, and spirit, and provides healing services to her clients through her highly sensitive nature and active listening skills.

According to Maria, her last name, “Koropecky” means “Cherry-Picker-Basket-Maker” in Ukrainian. Via story-telling, spirited conversations, self-care, and wellness coaching, Maria enjoys helping people live the life that lights them up!

Hands down, her favourite part of being a self-care and wellness coach is connecting with her clients. Her capacity to ask careful and considerate questions allows her clients to experience being heard at a profound level. Her energetic smile and signature style are well known to her clients in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where she merges her abilities for healing and coaching to provide a safe and warm environment for exploration. Maria will remind you that you really do matter, you are enough already, and you are safe.

After months of extensive training, Maria received her certificate in Life Coaching & Mentoring from the Rayner Institute.

On top of that, Maria has a degree in English literature from Western University and a diploma in Esthetics from the Aveda Institute.

I really love coaching! I feel like I’ve finally found my calling!
~ Maria Koropecky

Maria welcomes new clients to her wellness coaching practice. Feel free to contact Maria by email about wellness coaching today. Rest assured, you’ll be in good hands.

As your wellness coach, Maria will walk beside you on your journey so you can create a future and live a life that you can be excited about.

Ready to get started? Wonderful! Email Maria today to book your initial, Crystal Mapping Session, and we’ll take it from there. See you soon!

Wellness Coach near me in Victoria.
Wellness Coach Near Victoria, BC.