by Maria Koropecky, Author

Are you looking for a great book to read on the plane as you’re traveling this summer? Well, I have something truly special to share with you, my novel Closer to Indigo. It’s a book that I’ve poured my heart and soul into and I think it’s a great story to add to your summer reading list.

Closer to Indigo is a captivating story that follows the path of Maria Ponomarenko, a woman on a quest for self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Through her experiences, you’ll find yourself immersed in a story that explores love, personal growth, and the magic of embracing our own, unique, life paths.

As you join Maria on her adventures where she walks and walks around Victoria, BC, Canada and beyond, training for her upcoming Camino in Spain, you’ll feel the warm embrace of the sun, the gentle breeze on your face, and inspiration from the natural wonders of our world.

And here’s a little secret: crystals play a significant role in the story, too. They bring an element of mysticism and spirituality, adding an extra layer of intrigue. So, if you like crystals or if you’ve ever been curious about their energy and symbolism, you’ll find yourself drawn to the way they show up in the story.

And if you’re a solo traveler and a lover of hiking like I am, this book will resonate with you, too. There’s even a scene where Maria is in a bookstore and buys a book to take with her on her transatlantic trip!

Maria’s journey takes her to different corners of the world, where she encounters fascinating characters and discovers hidden treasures. It’s a reminder that travel opens our minds and hearts to new experiences, and that sometimes the greatest adventures are found when we venture beyond the everyday and enter into the realm of the indigo.

So, as you go on your summer adventures, whether near or far, I invite you to add Closer to Indigo to your reading list. It’s a tale that will transport you, uplift your spirit, and leave you with a renewed sense of wonder and possibility.

I hope you have an incredible summer filled with memorable adventures, both within the pages of books and in the world around you! Happy reading!

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