What Eckhart Tolle Says About Crystals in A New Earth

By Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach

Did you know Eckhart Tolle mentions crystals in his best-selling book, “A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose,” (2005)?

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.
Join me in a conversation about A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

If you had asked me before I started re-reading this ground-breaking gem, I would have answered, “no, I didn’t know” but I was delighted to read about his appreciation for the mineral kingdom in the opening pages.

There’s more to crystals and flowers and people than meets the eye and I’m inviting you to dig a little deeper and tune into the essence of all beings. By becoming present to the here and now, a whole new world will unfold and new possibilities will emerge — which is super amazing! — and crystals, among all natural treasures, can help open those doors!

The old me would have skimmed over these particular paragraphs but the new me, the more present and conscious me, gets the beautiful connection.

Of course!

In Chapter 1, “The Flowering of Human Consciousness,” Eckhart introduces us to the heart of his book as he describes a moment of transcendent transformation, the day flowers first blossomed on Earth,

“One day, however, a critical threshold was reached, and suddenly there would have been an explosion of color and scent all over the planet.”A New Earth, page 1

That “critical threshold” is related to the “evolutionary leap” that people experience when they finally let go of their ego and pain body and live from their essence, their true and authentic self.

Remember the expression, “Stop and smell the roses?”

Stopping to smell the roses at Butchart Gardens.
Stopping to smell the roses at Butchart Gardens.

Flowers have always been inviting us to relax, be present, and appreciate the beauty of life, and when we actually take a moment to pause, be still, and focus on the wonder of the present moment, peace emerges.

“Once there is a certain degree of Presence, of still and alert attention in human beings’ perceptions, they can sense the divine life essence, the one indwelling consciousness or spirit in every creature, every life-form, recognize it as one with their own essence and so love it as themselves.”A New Earth, page 4

Loving the essence. That was the clincher for me. That’s why I recently started re-reading a New Earth. I heard Eckhart explain this concept of divine life essence to Oprah on a recent SuperSoul Sunday. When Jesus said “Love your neighbour as yourself,” He wasn’t talking about loving people’s egos. Jesus was talking about seeing past the ego (which is just a costume), and loving someone’s essence, and loving your own essence, and recognizing how the essence of our beings are all connected as One in this great, big, living sea.

Oh, to live from my essence!

Ammolite Wellness Coaching.When I think of essence, I like to picture a pilot light, if that helps. From what I understand, when someone says, “Namaste” they are saying, “The divine in me bows to the divine in you.” In other words, the essence in me recognizes the essence in you. Essence is what you see when you look deep into someone’s eyes.

Isn’t that much better than dealing with someone’s ego? 🙂 Just remember that the next time someone annoys you.

The ethereal nature of flowers remind us about our true essence.

“…flowers would become for us an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred, and ultimately formless within ourselves. Flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal, and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, would become like messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless…”A New Earth, pages 2-3

By the way, this way of being, is available to us humans and we can be like messengers as well.

What Eckhart Tolle says about Crystals in a New Earth.
Community garden in James Bay.


Eckhart continues to say, the flowers

“not only had a scent that was delicate and pleasing to humans, but also brought a fragrance from the realm of spirit. Using the word “enlightenment” in a wider sense than the conventionally accepted one, we could look upon flowers as the enlightenment of plants.”A New Earth, page 3

And flowers are just the beginning! Crystals are here, too!

“Since time immemorial, flowers, crystals, precious stones, and birds have held special significance for the human spirit.”A New Earth, pages 3-4

We as humans have been fascinated with crystals since pre-historic times. When the Greeks travelled and found dazzling quartz crystals in the Alps, they believed these beauties were actually a form of frozen water that would never thaw. They named them, “krystallos,” which means “ice.”

Hubbard Glacier 2012.
Hubbard Glacier, June 2012.

“The haunting beauty of the mineral kingdom is irresistible, so it’s no wonder that the human race has a long history of wearing and working with crystals. Historians and archaeologists have traced the use of crystals in healing and beauty rituals back to the earliest civilizations. And no wonder: They magnify personal and planetary vibrational energy. Our ancestors used crystals as mystical tools, energy generators, communication enhancers, and medical instruments. Archaeological digs show their use as talismans of good fortune and protection; as well as amulets, jewelry, and magnificent home showpieces.” ~ Excerpt from Crystal Therapy, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., & Judith Lukomski.

Perhaps you also have a fascination for rocks and minerals:

* Do you collect rocks and seashells whenever you go to the beach?

* Do you have fond memories of rocks and stones from your childhood?

* Do you have a piece of jewelry that has a special meaning for you?

* Do you by chance have a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The Art of Contemplation

The next time you come across a crystal, sit with it and contemplate. Appreciate the stone without trying to own it. See past its outer form and tune into its inner essence. Let the crystal help you expand your awareness. Like a flower, it just might be a bridge on your journey of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

“So when you are alert and contemplate a flower, crystal, or bird without naming it mentally, it becomes a window for you into the formless. There is an inner opening, however slight, into the realm of spirit.”A New Earth, page 5

What Eckhart Tolle says about crystals in a New Earth.
What Eckhart Tolle says about crystals in a New Earth.

Tuning into a crystal is not a crystal reading in the sense of fortune-telling. Once your ego is out of the way, it’s more about how the crystals reveal wisdom and a sense of calmness, through timeless intuition.

“In the case of a flower, a crystal, precious stone, or bird, however, even someone with little or no Presence can occasionally sense that there is more there than the mere physical existence of that form, without knowing that this is the reason why he or she is drawn toward it, feels an affinity with it.”A New Earth, page 4

Is Enlightenment Possible?

“Any life-form in any realm – mineral, vegetable, animal, or human – can be said to undergo “enlightenment.””A New Earth, page 3

But Eckhart asks,

“What could be heavier and more impenetrable than a rock, the densest of all forms?”A New Earth, page 3

What Eckhart Tolle says about crystals in a New Earth.
I love collecting rocks on the beach.

Yet, even rocks can lighten up and transcend their nature!

“And yet some rocks undergo a change in their molecular structure, turn into crystals, and so become transparent to the light. Some carbons, under inconceivable heat and pressure, turn into diamonds, and some heavy minerals into other precious stones.”A New Earth, page 3

In each case, enlightenment requires,

“a discontinuity in its development, a leap to an entirely different level of being and, most important, a lessening of materiality.”A New Earth, page 3

Enlightenment is just a matter of shedding the dark and heavy density (the materiality, including the ego) and moving towards lightness.

What Eckhart Tolle says about Crystals in a New Earth.
Red leaves in the sunlight remind me of Enlightenment.

Ultimately, that’s how the Universe works!

We live in a dynamic universe and everything is always moving from formless to form to formless and from slow to fast, density to space, heavy to light, and from dark to light, through the ever expanding cycle of:

1) Creation * Birth * Beginning -> …

2) Maintenance * Middle * Preservation -> …

3) Destruction * Expiration * Ending -> …

4) Transformation * Resurrection * Transcendence * Critical Threshold * Evolutionary Leap -> …

1) Rebirth * New Beginning (on a whole new level) * A New Earth! -> …

And on and on it goes from one age to the next. You can see this spiraling cycle of life as it’s constantly moving toward enlightenment, playing out everywhere! There are no beginnings and no endings and because everything is always moving and changing, there’s no sense in identifying with or being attached to any of it. The ego has nothing to cling to and so it dissolves, creating space for the present moment to arise. This is true, happy-go-lucky freedom.

So, yes, enlightenment is within reach and as we’ve seen with flowers and rocks, it’s part of the natural progression of the Universe!

Are you ready?

“Can human beings lose the density of their conditioned mind structures and become like crystals or precious stones, so to speak, transparent to the light of consciousness?” ~ A New Earth, page 5

We seem to have reached a time where more and more people are starting to awaken.

“What can you do, if anything, to bring about or accelerate this inner shift?”A New Earth, page 6

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, at the beginning, somewhere in the middle, or at your tipping point, and if you’re reading, have read, or would like to read, A New Earth, and want to talk about your insights and ideas with someone who is open and present and a good listener, please feel free to contact me, Maria. I’d love to connect with your essence.

And if there’s enough interest, maybe we can start a book club!

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I’d love to offer you a CRYSTAL MAPPING session

by Maria Koropecky, Life Coach

Book your free Crystal Mapping Session with Wellness Coach Maria today!
Book your free Crystal Mapping Session with Wellness Coach Maria today!

Ever since I was inspired to create the Crystal Mapping process and started doing these sessions with some of my connections, I have been astounded by the insights that have surfaced.

It’s not a crystal reading in the sense of fortune-telling; it’s more about how the crystals reveal personal messages from your subconscious mind, using your intuition as a bridge. It’s mind blowing to feel that energetic shift in the conversation!

“Hi Maria, I just wanted to say thanks for the last coaching session we had. I think it was an amazing session especially with the connection between what I was looking to create and the crystals that I picked! Let me know when should we connect next?” ~ Adi

I’m grateful that I’m able to help people find their way in life. It all starts with getting your bearings and figuring out where you are right now and where you want to go in your future. It’s like participating in orienteering games in the middle of the forest, except we use crystals as pins on your map.

Using the wisdom of crystals, Crystal Mapping is a fun and interactive way to chart your own course in life on your own terms!

Here’s what you’ll gain in this valuable session…

  • We’ll create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate life so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.
  • We’ll identify crystals that will remind you to stay focused on your goals.
  • And you’ll leave our Crystal Mapping Session feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the changes you seek, once and for all, because now you have a CRYSTAL MAP to follow!

I still have some spaces left in my calendar, so if you’d like an hour with me to talk about whatever you want, please send me an email to talktoacoach@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Warmest regards, Maria

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Best Gemstone to be a better Leader

by Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach

Today’s question is: What makes a good leader?

Leadership is a very hot topic these days and unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably talked about this in some way, quite recently.

Lead from Love

Saint Mother Teresa 3rd class relic.
Saint Mother Teresa 3rd class relic.

Over this past weekend, I attended a lecture about Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997). Although she came from humble beginnings, she became a world class leader and now she’s a Saint. Her message was about love. She lead from her heart and she let love lead the way. It was all about love for her and love just poured out from her, making the people around her feel truly loved in her presence.

So, leading from love is a quality of a good leader.

Create a Safe Space

Creating a safe space and a safe environment for other people to be able to do what they need to do is another quality of a good leader.

Think about it, if you don’t feel safe around your leader, you’re going to have a hard time working with them. It’s like getting into a car with a driver that you don’t trust Visit Your URL. Something is telling you that it’s going to be a bumpy ride and chances are you’re not going to get where you want to go.

Maybe the driver doesn’t know where they’re going, maybe they’re texting while driving and are distracted, maybe they’re yelling at other drivers on the road. Being in the car with someone like that doesn’t feel safe does it? And maybe it would be better to take the bus instead.

When people don’t feel safe around their leaders, they start acting up. They show up late, they leave early, they create drama, they gossip, they’re distracted, they make excuses, they sabotage efforts, and they don’t do their best. They’re not inspired.

A good leader makes people feel safe

We’re all called to be leaders in our lives. Opportunities for leadership are everywhere including in your family, in school, in clubs, in religious organizations, on sports teams, at work, and in your community.

The great leaders are the ones who lead from the heart and help people feel safe.

Rhodonite is the best gemstone to be a better leader.
Rhodonite is the best gemstone to be a better leader.

There’s a stone that ticks both those boxes! It’s called Rhodonite. You can find Rhodonite on the beaches around Victoria and it’s easy to spot because it’s pink and black.

Rhodonite helps remind us to be more loving towards ourselves and each other. It’s also the stone for Self-Actualization — which is all about being OK, safe and enough, no matter what’s going on around us. In order for leaders to create a safe environment, we have to feel safe ourselves. We have to be at peace with ourselves first. And that’s where Rhodonite comes in.

Right now, during these uncertain times, we really need people to step up and be good leaders. If being a better leader is your intention, please contact me about my coaching services. I guarantee working with a coach on a weekly basis will definitely make you a better leader.

Thank you so much for reading. Please leave me a comment below and tell me about your ideas on what makes a good leader.

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What would you do with a Free Day?

by Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach

My question to all of you is, if you had a free day with no appointments or responsibilities, what would you do?

Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.
Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.

Think about it: a day without errands, or housecleaning, or meetings, or deadlines, or to-do lists. Just a day to yourself — a blank slate with no agenda.

Would you sleep in and stay in your pyjamas all day? Would you go to the movies and see a matinee? Would you go on a road trip? Would you invite someone to join you?

I recently had the opportunity to answer this question for myself. After looking at my next day’s schedule, I realized there was nothing on the books. The appointments that had been scheduled had been postponed and my usual pressing tasks could wait a day.

Having some free time where I could do whatever I wanted all day was a rare opportunity indeed. I had a whole day to myself in the middle of the week ahead of me and I didn’t want to waste it.

I felt it was a delicious topic for my coaching session with my life coach and as it turned out, having a fun and creative play date became my Imagined Future.

From the coaching, I discovered that I wanted to let my intuition guide me in this play date. Putting my intuition first was very important to me. I wanted the day to unfold naturally.

Although I wasn’t sure what I’d end up doing, I remember saying, ‘maybe I’ll meet someone or see some wildlife.’

Well, I had an amazing day!

Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.
Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.

After breakfast, I grabbed my camera and got into my car. My intuition told me to go to Island View Beach instead of Dallas Road or Gyros Park.

Within 10 minutes of arriving, I bumped into someone I used to work with 12 years ago so that took care of the meeting someone. I knew at that point that my intuition lead me in the right direction.

We had had a major wind storm earlier in the week and with the impeding full moon and changing tides, I knew I’d find some lovely rocks on the beach.

Anyway, here’s the photo of the rocks I collected.

Rocks collected from Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.
Rocks collected from Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.

This black and white spotted ones could be Dalmationite (named after the playful puppies) and once I brought my rocks home and took a closer look at the rock in the photo below, I noticed some Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) twinkling in the sunlight, which was a delightful surprise!

Dalmationite with Pyrite found on Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.
Dalmationite with Pyrite found on Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.

There were so many beautiful rocks on the beach. Each was beautiful and unique in its own way. I gathered all kinds of pretty rocks as I worked my way up the beach.

Then when I finally looked up, I saw a pair of seagulls playing in the surf. They kept on going back and forth to and from shore, literally singing as they drifted together, and they were having so much fun that some two ducks joined them. So I had a wildlife siting as well!

Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.
Island View Beach near Victoria, BC.

After my photoshoot with the birds, my fingertips started to get cold so I decided to go home.

From the rocks I collected, I made this art project. It’s a centrepiece for the dining room table.

Rock center piece with candles.
Rock center piece with candles.

All in all it was a full day. I lived my imagined future of having a fun and creative playdate and I’m grateful for my free day.

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Best Gemstone to Remind Us to TRUST the Process of Life

by Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach

Sometimes, it’s hard to trust that things are going to work out.

Not trusting in yourself, others, and/or the process of life is a big challenge that shows up in some shape or form in many of my coaching conversations.

This past weekend, I had my own challenge with trust that I’d like to share.  I had to trust that things would work out but that was difficult for me. I was booked to do a spa party for an 11-year-old’s birthday through my Homespunspa Mobile Spa business and the night before, my esthetician who would be joining me, texted me saying she wasn’t able to make it because she caught a cold.

That was not good news and I had to find a replacement on short notice. I didn’t want to let anyone down. I called a few people on my team but nobody was available.

There was one more person to call and I knew she was busy but I contacted her anyway. She said she had an appointment in the morning and another one that was flexible and if I couldn’t find anyone else, she’d do her best to help me out.

There was nothing confirmed and I didn’t know if she would be able to make it in time for the spa party or not.

She said she would contact me before lunch to let me know where she was but I hadn’t yet heard from her. Twelve o’clock rolled into one o’clock and still no word.

Use Amazonite to remind you to trust.
Use Amazonite to remind you to trust.

Amazonite is a really beautiful turquoise stone with some copper in the mix. It’s named after the mighty Amazon River but it doesn’t come from there.I decided I’d do my best to stay calm. I looked to my gemstones and found out which ones were the best for trust. Amazonite was the first on the list.

When you think about a river, it flows and it finds the easiest path to wherever it’s going. If a rock happens to be in the way, it will somehow find a way to go over it or around it. Somehow it makes its way.

That’s the idea of trust. With trust, you have to let things unfold, naturally.

I don’t know about you but I find letting things run their course hard to do. Sometimes, I just want to control the situation and know ahead of time that things are going to work out. In this case, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I really didn’t know if the nail tech was going to be able to come through for me and help me out with this spa party at the last minute. Would she be able to drive from a completely opposite end of town, outside of the city no less, and still be able to make it through traffic in time?

Not hearing from her was difficult but she couldn’t call because she was busy doing fancy nail art for her client. I kept waiting and I kept waiting and I just took my Amazonite stone and let it calm me down. I meditated with it and even had some spa music playing in the background. All I could do was center myself and stay grounded and let things happen.

So sure enough, we actually did the spa party and it worked out just fine! Everybody was happy — the birthday girl, the friends, and the parents, and we did a great job.

At the end of the day, everything worked out, so what was I so worried about? Why did I panic? Why did I get upset? It was all so unnecessary. If I had trusted from the beginning, I would have saved myself a lot of stress.

Next time I’m in a similar situation, I’m going to go straight to my Amazonite stone. I’m going to skip the stress and remember to trust. I have to remind myself to trust that everything is going work out for the best.

So, if you’d like to explore the idea of trust with me as a wellness coach and believe me, trusting comes up a lot, please contact me, Maria, by phone or email. I’d love to hear from you.

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Health & Wellness Awareness Days for January, 2017

Here’s a calendar of Wellness and Health Awareness Days and Weeks for the Month of January, 2017.

Here’s a link to the Intro for this blog post series, a.k.a the #BeTheChange Almanac.

Hopefully, these Awareness Days will inspire you to discover your life’s purpose and pitch in where you can.

Spread the awareness and share!

January is the Awareness Month for:

Alzheimer Awareness Month
#Alzheimers, #EndAlzheimers, #AlzhemiersAwareness, #dementia, #GoPurple

Birthflowers of the Month include: Carnation, Snowdrop 
#birthflower, #flower, #carnation, #snowdrop, #pink

Birthstones of the Month include: Emerald, Garnet, Rose Quartz
#birthstones, #crystals, #gemstone, #jewelery, #emerald, #Garnet, #RoseQuartz

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
#CervicalHealthAwarenessMonth, #PAP, #cervicalscreening, #cervicalcander, #NoFearGoSmearm #pregnancyhealth

Hot Tea Month (Tea Association of Canada)
#HotTeaMonth, #tealover, #tea, #staycozy, #teatime, #TeaProudly

Human Trafficking Awareness Month
#humantrafficking, #sextrafficking, #endslavery, #humanrights

National Bath Safety Month (U.S.)
#NationalBathSafetyMonth, #BathSafety, #BubbleBathDay

National Birth Defects Prevention Month
#healthypregnancy, #pregnancytips, #momtobe, #pregnancy, #healthybaby

National Blood Donor Month
#NationalBloodDonorMonth, #RedCross, #savelives, #donate, #giveblood, #RaiseYourSleeve

National Hobby Month (U.S.)

National Oatmeal Month (U.S.)
#NationalOatmealMonth, #OatmealMonth, #OAT, #oatmeal, #breakfast, #healthy, #FuelTheFireWithin, #Great4Kids

National Soup Month (U.S.)
#NationalSoupMonth, #winter, #healthy, #dinnertime, #lunchtime, #soup

Thyroid Awareness Month
#ThyroidAwarenessMonth, #thyroidgland, #thyroidcancer, #Otolaryngology

Walk Your Pet Month
#WalkYourPetMonth, #pet, #animallover, #walk, #TheSecretLifeOfPets, #furbaby

Special Weeks in January:

National Non-Smoking Week from January 15th to January 21st
#WeedlessWednesday, #quitsmoking, #stopsmoking, #smokefree, #health

Special Days in January:

New Year’s Day on January 1st (Sunday)
#HappyNewYear, #NewYear, #newyears, #NewYearsDay

Polar Bear Swim on January 1st (Sunday)
#polarbearswim, #brr, #HappyNewYear

World Braille Day on January 4th (Wednesday)
#WorldBrailleDay, #Braille

World Hypnotism Day on January 4th (Wednesday)
#HypnotismDay, #hypnosis, #hypnotize

Orthodox Christmas Day on January 7th (Saturday)

Bubble Bath Day on January 8th (Sunday)
#BubbleBathDay, #bubbles, #bubblebath, #bathtime, #relax

Clean Off Your Desk Day on January 9th (Monday)
#CleanOffYourDeskDay, #cleandesk, #workspace, #organize

Cut Your Energy Costs Day on January 10th (Tuesday)
#CutYourEnergyCostsDay, #energyefficiency

Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11th (Wednesday)
#humantrafficking, #sextrafficking, #endslavery, #humanrights

National Rubber Ducky Day (U.S.) on January 13th (Friday)
#NationalRubberDuckyDay, #RubberDuckyDay, #SesameStreet, #bathtime

Friday, the 13th, on Janaury 13th (Friday)
#FridayThe13th, #TGIF, #Friday

SHE Day (600 Women talk business and leadership in Winnipeg, MB) on January 13th (Friday)
#SHEday2017, #leadership, #business, #entrepreneur, #inspiration, #leadfromwithin, #marketing, #success, #womenleaders, #Winnipeg

National Dress Up Your Pet Day (U.S.) on January 14th (Saturday)
#DressUpYourPetDay, #pet, #animallover, #TheSecretLIfeOfPets, #furbaby

Orthodox New Year on January 14th (Saturday)
#OrthodoxNewYear, #OldNewYear, #NewYear

Hat Day on January 15th (Sunday)
#hat, #hatday, #hats, #selfie, #badhairday, #hatgame, #hattastic, #hatselfie, #WearAHatDay, #fun

Go to the Spa Day because it’s Blue Monday on January 16th (Monday)
#BlueMonday, #mondaymotivation, #spaday, #pampering, #spa, #relax, #massage, #facial, #beauty, #relaxation

Colour Days!!! Rainbow Day (let these colours inspire you throughout the day) (public Facebook Group) on January 17th (Tuesday)
#colordays, #colors, #colorful, #rainbow, #rainbowday

Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day on January 17th (Tuesday)
#NewYearsResolutions, #ditch

World Religion Day on January 17th (Tuesday)
#WorldReligionDay, #interfaith

Weedless Wednesday on January 18th (Wednesday)
#WeedlessWednesday, #quitsmoking, #stopsmoking, #smokefree, #health, #WellnessWednesday

National Popcorn Day (U.S.) on January 19th (Thursday)
#NationalPopcornDay, #popcorn

National Hugging Day on January 21st (Saturday)
#NationalHuggingDay, #NationalHugDay, #hug

National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day (U.S.) on January 22nd (Sunday)
#cats, #kitty, #kittens, #pets, #cute, #animallover, #meow, #TheSecretLifeOfPets, #furbaby, #purrfect

Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24th (Tuesday)
#ChangeAPetsLifeDay, #FOSTER, #volunteer, #TheSecretLifeOfPets

Family Literacy Day on January 27th (Friday)
#FamilyLiteracyDay, #raiseareader, #literacy, #family

Chinese New Year Day of the Rooster Year on January 28th (Saturday)
#ChineseNewYear, #yearoftherooster

International Lego Day on January 28th (Saturday)
#LegoDay, #lego

Women’s Right to Vote in Canada 101st Anniversary on January 28th (Saturday)
#womensrighttovote, #womenleaders, #Canada, #worklifebalance

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on January 30th (Monday)
#BubbleWrapAppreciationDay, #pop, #whomakesthisstuffup

See you at the end of January for February’s Awareness Days!

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Best Gemstone to Shift Your Perspective

by Maria Koropecky, Coach, Healer, Author

I recently tried to publish another ebook on Amazon, called #BeTheChange. It was a calendar of health and wellness awareness days, months and weeks for 2017 and I even included hashtags for each entry. I spent many, many hours and days researching my topic and collecting my information and then formatting my document so it would look good for my readers. It ended up being over 100 pages.

But as it turned out, Amazon declined it and asked me to remove it because the content was readily available for free on the internet already.

All that hard work for nothing. I could have been devastated.

But I wasn’t. I didn’t even shed a tear and that’s saying a lot for me. I realized it’s not all a waste. I can still repurpose the information I collected and reformat it in a new way. It may even turn out to be better than an ebook on Amazon.

My point is, we all have problems and we all have disappointments. That’s part of life. But it’s what we do in response to the situations that come up that will make or break us. It’s all a matter of perspective.

So, if you have recently been disappointed by something or if you’ve tried and failed at something like I have, try to look at your situation from a different angle. Acknowledge what happened and then move on. Say to yourself, “so what, what’s next?”

Use Howlite to shift your perspective.
Use Howlite to shift your perspective.

Howlite is a white stone that has black veins running through it.And guess what, there’s a gemstone for that. If you’re interested in shifting your perspective on any issue, I recommend Howlite.

When I tune into Howlite, I see fog and clouds and then I see the sun shining. It’s like when you’re at the airport and it’s a grey, overcast day and there’s a low ceiling and poor visibility. But once you get on the airplane and the plane takes off and you break through those clouds, all of a sudden you see the sun has been shining above the clouds all along.

The sun is always shining somewhere. And realizing that is a shift in perspective.

So, don’t let a disappointment that something didn’t turn out the way you wanted, to take you out of the game. It’s just an opportunity to try something else.

And that’s the beauty of coaching. You get to see things from different angles and that can make a big difference in how you move forward. If you’re interested in coaching, please contact me. I have some room for a few coaching clients and I’d love to work with you.

So, carry some Howlite to remind you to try to see something differently, because as the late Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I hope this topic has been helpful for you. Please leave a comment. Thanks for reading. Also check out my video, “Best Gemstone to Shift Your Perspective” on my YouTube channel, Ammolite Wellness Coaching.

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